Troy Burt

Troy Burt is an adaptive backcountry snowmobiler and Red Seal Heavy Equipment Technician from the small coastal community of Virgin arm, Newfoundland/canada. A below knee amputee who pushes his body through hell and back to become a better rider and role model for young and old who are disabled or perfectly normal.

He was involved in a serious motorcycle accident on June 25th, 2008 and sustained a crazy amount of injuries including breaking C3,4,5 and 6 vertebrae, fusing of C3 and C4 and titanium plates to hold in place, a bruised spinal cord with reduced feeling in his hands and shoulder’s, two seriously damaged knees, a crack skull with severe brain damage and a left foot/lower leg amputation.

He has been pushing his body to the limits and have took every negative reaction or comment as a challenge to become the best he can be.

He’s ridden in some great places throughout Newfoundland, British Columbia and Colorado. And plans on returning to some of these locations during winter of 2016/17. Troy has traveled all parts of North America. From the Caribbean to the northern tip of Baffin island (1000 miles north of the arctic circle) actually managed to get a ride in on a ski-doo! and have ventured as far east as Ireland.


Troy has a love for motorsports which is second to none. He say’s it “relieves every ounce of stress from the mind and body” a passion for backcountry snowmobiling has brought him through so much. He most recently won the title “North America’s Top Snowmobiler” and is the owner operator of 5ToesRiding. He not only loves ski-doo snowmobiles but also pushes the limits on dirt bikes.

Troy’s riding style has been compared to “a young bull moose” – as he acts in the “now” and thinks as it happens. A bit out of control, but always manages to pull it off. This makes for great stories, endless smiles on his face, and continuous questions from others in order to help them refine their skills.

An active guy 365 days a year. From snowmobiling, dirt bikes, PWC, cycling and running! Anything he can get involved in, He’s a part of it

Troy plans on making himself and his brand 5ToesRiding a household name

After all “anyone can do it with two feet”