Nikki Pombrio

Born and raised in Florida, Nikki Pombrio was constantly inspired by her surrounding natural environment, the ocean. At the young age of 10 she took her first breath underwater and her life hasn’t been the same since – just think of watching Blue Planet in high-definition 3D, only a million times better, that’s diving.


As a divemaster she has logged over 400 dives around the world from the breathtaking crystal clear waters of the Bahamas to remote islands above South America. The desire to create underwater film and photography quickly followed and replaced a bachelors degree in Neuroscience and medical school plans (sorry mom) but to Nikki, there is nothing more rewarding than the unique experiences beneath the surface and the opportunity to meet & befriend like-minded people.


Now she actively works to aid the world’s oceans as much as possible by creating videos in hope that people will see the beauty of the ocean & want to protect it.


When not submerged in the big blue, you can find Nikki venturing outdoors without shoes, checking out live music with friends, on a journey to find passionate people or gaining creative insight from the man, the myth, the legend Casey Neistat.