Morgan Vance

Morgan Vance was born and raised in South East Texas. She is a hunter, RDA (registered dental assistant), a proud Christian and a loving dog momma to her bloodhound Sadie. She is also an avid outdoorsman, fisherman, and shares a deep passion and respect for the outdoors. With a combined spirit of conservation and adventure, she feels that the outdoors is one of Gods greatest gifts. “To not take advantage and enjoy it is a lost opportunity.”

Morgan grew up around hunters all her life. “Hunting runs in my blood,” she says. At the age of 12 years old her father introduced her to this lifestyle and since that moment she has been in love with the outdoors. She also cares deeply about the small things in life – Hikes in the woods, feeling a breeze brush softly on her face when the water is calm in the mornings, or simply just sitting back and admiring nature. She lives her life with a passion for everything that this earth has to offer. This zeal keeps her dedicated to not only being a sportsman, but also sharing this devotion to the world.

Currently, Morgan lives in Humble, Texas. Favorite hunting activities include: 3D target shooting practice with her bow and perfecting shooting skills at the range as you never know when those big opportunities will come in the field. The game she enjoys chasing most is whitetail deer and according to her “nothing compares to the adrenaline of waiting for a perfect moment to take that perfect shot.”

As a native Texan, the opportunity to hunt hogs is year round so there is always an excuse to be out in the field. Her dream hunts include elk and mule deer in Colorado, red stag in New Zealand, doves in Argentina and one day traveling to Africa to hunt something more dangerous.

Her dream is to motivate as many individuals as possible with her main focus on being an inspiration to the many women out there seeking to hit the great outdoors!

Cyclops Gear welcomes you Morgan!!!