Jordan Griffin

Jordan Griffin is an avid skateboarder from the small town of Doylestown, Pennsylvania. He is only 17 years old, but yet a more passionate skateboarder than most. He has been skating for just about 7 years now and is on his board nearly every day. Within his 7 years of skating, he has placed in 9 out of the 12 competitions he has entered and skated in. That includes his most recent first place victory at the Philly AM Fall Contest 2016. Jordan also released 3 video parts in 2016, showcasing his progression and hard work throughout the year. Jordan claims that filming video parts is the most challenging milestone because he likes to produce a better overall product every time. He does not give up on anything and he will give his best effort to whatever comes his way.

You can find him across these social media platforms:

Instagram: @j_griff830

Snapchat: jgriff830

YouTube: JGriff830