Bradley Barrette

Bradley Barrette is an amateur Filmmaker and Adventure Athlete from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He spends the majority of his time traveling around North America working as a Product Specialist for BRP.

When he has free time he spends it on either his snowmobile, dirt bike, or mountain bike. He loves any activity that gets his blood flowing and his heart rushing. He competes in a number of races on both snowmobiles and dirt bikes when his schedule allows. When he began traveling more and more for work he turned to free riding and photography/videography and fell in love with the pure energy and challenges that comes along with it.

He loves riding new areas with his crew of talented buddies and building the wildest and biggest jumps that they can put together. Always pushing each other to go bigger, his crew is always willing to one up each other with something more flipped out and crazy than the last guy. To him there is nothing better than shoveling up a new lip out of the face of a hill and having a good session with a couple of buddies sending it.

Cyclops Gear welcomes you Brad!