Autumn Sherman

Autumn Sherman lives in sunny south Florida and works for Deep Obsession Charters as a divemaster. She loves traveling and diving anywhere there is a chance to go on an adventure and have a good time. Autumn has always had a passion for the ocean. In her free time she likes hanging out at the beach, going out on boats, freediving, fishing and enjoying life in Florida. Her favorite place to travel to is the Bahamas because of the great fishing, diving and clear blue water. She has been an ambassador and worked for dive manufactures and apparel companies as a model for social media and product packaging. The ocean has so many beautiful and amazing creatures to see. Her goal is to share them with the world. Autumn’s favorite aquatic creature to dive with are sharks! Doing dives with sharks is something she loves to do as much as she can. Especially when she is working on the boat and gets to be in charge of the bait crate for the shark dives. Autumn is a natural in the ocean and feels blessed to be able to explore the underwater world.