Cyclops 360° Panoramic HD Video Camera

How do I change my 360 Cameras WiFi password?

The wireless network password for your CG360 Camera can be updated through the CG360 App. How to update my CG360’s wireless password.

How do I format my SD Card?

Cyclops Gear recommends that you format your SD Card, before first using it in our 360 Camera. Your card can become corrupted from a multitude of reasons. Switching it back and forth between many devices, or removing the SD Card before it’s done communicating with that device are common causes. How to format my SD card.

I can’t upload my video to Facebook or Youtube from my phone as it keeps timing out.

Please note that 360 video’s are incredibly large files. We recommend a 30 second video or less for a smooth upload from your phone.

How do I upload 360 Video from my device to Facebook or Youtube?

In order to share 360 Video to Youtube or Facebook, you must download the video to your device in VR mode from the CG360 Apps media gallery. How do I upload 360 Video to social media

I can’t find the CG360 for my Droid phone on the Google Play store.

Currently we have 4865 different droid phones that are supported. We are working very hard to get all the other phones supported. Please send us a support ticket with your current phone model so we can make sure that it’s included in the next update.

When are you releasing your Cyclops Director Software so I can edit and post my video from my computer?

Cyclops Director is now available here.

Cyclops Gear H20 Video Sunglasses

Why is the sound not working on my H20 Sunglasses?

These glasses are waterproof. In order to protect the microphone, charging port, and internal components of the glasses, there is a water tight rubber flap that covers this input point on the arm of the glasses. This flap can be opened and turned slightly to unobstruct this port. You will get all your sound if this flap is open and turned slightly to ensure the microphone is not covered. That being said, you will need to make sure this flap is tightly closed if you are using them underwater or surfing, boating, etc where water will get inside the glasses. 

Cyclops Gear CGX2 4K Wi-Fi Action Camera

My battery is dying after only 20 minutes of recording – why?

That should not be the case – if your camera is under warranty we can send you a new high capacity cold weather battery free of charge. Otherwise all batteries ordered on our website are now high capacity and cold weather for the CGX2.

My camera only works when I have it plugged into a power source. Why?

Take the battery out and plug it into the power source without the battery in it. If the camera still turns on, you have a bad battery. Call technical support or send in a ticket and they will get you a new battery.

There’s a blemish on my waterproof case and it’s ruining my footage. What do I do?

We are aware of this issue with select cases. We offer free replacement cases for customers who have received a blemished case. Please contact technical support for a free replacement.

How do I remove the waterproof case from my camera?

With the view pointer facing away from you, slide the arrow button to the left with your left thumb and hold it there. Using your right thumb as leverage against the back black tab, use your right index finger to lift the short black tab toward you. Detailed FAQ w/ pictures

I can’t connect my phone to the App-

Are you sure you’re connected to the correct app? The app is called “CGX2” the CGX2 camera will not work with the iCyclops app or the CG360 app.
Please note* apples latest update you will see a message “not connected to internet” That is okay and app will still work fine.

Why can’t I hook my CGX2 up to my computer?

The app will not connect your CGX2 to your computer; you can use the CGX2 app with your smart phone or tablet.

Why is it that when I download any of my video clips to my phone I can’t edit the video?

The CGX2 App does not support live video download you will need to download the video to your computer to edit and share.

I received my CGX2 through a promotion from BRP and am having issues registering my camera.

You can take a picture of the receipt for items purchased that qualified you for the promotion in place of a receipt for your proof of purchase. IE your dealer receipt.