We are
Filmmakers. Athletes. Adventurers.

Cyclops Gear was developed with the purpose of enriching people’s lives by allowing them to record life and to share those experiences with others. Its customer base is diverse and it does not matter whether they are a professional athlete or a parent recording their child – Cyclops Gear provides easy to use eye ware & devices to capture these precious moments in different settings. Cyclops Gear is in the business of changing people’s lives for the better and to make sure they never miss capturing a precious moment again. This is the Cyclops Gear™ way and this is how we Record Life™.

Highest Dedication
to Craftmanship

Mark Krause – Founder and CEO

Mark Krause has been an entrepreneur all his life. It’s in his blood. Starting in college where he went to Colorado State, he started his first business called Colorado Carpet Care. Mark’s passion for travel and chasing the waves inspired him to move to Maui right after college and become a semi – professional windsurfer while also making a living trading in the stock market. Mark lived in Maui for three years until getting Island fever and the acting bug and moved back to Los Angeles to start a small production company called Shoot – Out Films. While in Los Angeles, Mark met the GM of the Argyle Hotel and nightclub, Michael Eisenburg. The two of them partnered together and traveled to Montreal to build a supper club called Illume. Illume was designed and conceived by Mark and was run by Michael. Mark currently lives and plays in Colorado. His vision is to offer hands – free video recording devices for sports enthusiasts of all kinds. His passion for windsurfing, kite – surfing, surfing, snowboarding, mountain climbing and fishing has driven him to develop easy to use, burden – free devices that will allow everyone to effortlessly capture life’s adventures.

Alain Lord Mounir – Co-Founder

Over his career as an investor and entrepreneur, Alain Lord Mounir has helped define, build, and bring many market – leading products and services to market. From 2001 to 2004 he was the CEO of Vitamine C. Alain currently serves on the Board of Directors or is an active Board Observer on Vitamine C, Julia Wine Group, Korta Coffee, Agua Clara, HD Media Group, and Ribes Pharma. He’s opinionated, ruthless, strives for big deals and also has a passion for all legal aspects in business from branding, trademarking or copywriting. Alain loves crossbow hunting, fishing, downhill skiing, he is a wine collector And a SF Giants Fans!

Cyclops Gear is in the business of changing people’s lives for the better and to make sure they never miss capturing a precious moment again.


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