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  • 10,000 mAh Power Bank

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  • CGX3 OR 360 Panoramic Battery

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  • CGX3 Waterproof Case

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  • Waterproof Collection Box

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Capture, edit and share from anywhere.

Cyclops Gear was developed with the purpose of enriching people’s lives by allowing them to record life and to share those experiences with others.

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1080p Avalanche Goggles

CGX3 Action Camera

4K 360 Panoramic

H20 Video Sunglasses

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The Cyclops App gives you ultimate control with the ability to operate your Camera from your smartphone or tablet.

Video recording goggles - cyclops gear
Video recording goggles - cyclops gear

1080p Snow Avalanche Goggles

Get Ready to Change the way you ride the mountain. Cyclops Gear™ is proud to offer our highest quality 1080p Avalanche Series Snow Goggles. Comes with an Anti-Fog duel layered lens and is 100% UV protected. Our vibration alert will let you know when you are recording and taking photos.

Only $249

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